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Viagra Corvette Commercial - YouTube
Viagra Corvette Commercial - YouTube
Viagra's new commercial features a 1958 Corvette.

On the front axle this difference is accommodated by Ackerman steering geometry that causes the inside tire to turn more sharply than the outside tire. We will be tweaking the files to fit the C7 chassis as well, which we already determined is extremely similar to the C6. After our preorder phase, packages will start at $65,000.

In road racing, the engineer and driver must manage these dynamic tire patches to maximize the performance potential of the car. According to the press release below, Supervettes will soon offer this kit for the C7 as well. From this point we will be offering a limited amount of 20 per year for 5 years. It may be helpful to compare the Positrac system to two alternatives on either side of the Corvette ‘limited slip’ Positrac differential. We wanted to create what we thought GM should have designed, but can’t due to a small box their design team must stay inside to meet profit margins and sales goals.

Supervettes Offers the C6 Corvette Some Visual Viagra ...
Supervettes has been known to amplify the menace factor in the C6 Corvette's design, but their newest SV8.R body kit might as well be nicknamed "Dennis". T viagra corvette 1963-82 Corvette Differentials …Duntov Motor Company explains how the 1963-82 Corvette differential affects your car's handling.

Bottom line: It turns in great, but you can only put the power down on the unloaded wheel and you end up accomplishing nothing but tattooing the racetrack with a single black stripe. You can’t get by with anything over 200 lbs of preload on a street car with steel clutch plates because low speed maneuvering (as in a parking lot) causes the clutches to ‘clunk’ and chatter. There’s no argument that its drive train is one if the best on the market, and THE very best bang for your buck available today.

With the help of an excellent 3D model designer Thomas Granjard out of Paris, France , we designed the SV8. You could never use a locked differential on a street driven car, as slow speed tight turns would break the axles in short order. To start, it might be helpful to consider the tire patch. Looking up at the contact patch from below the glass, imagine this as your Corvette’s rear tire contact patch at rest. In a turn taken at speed, the inside rear tire patch is reduced in size as the car’s center of gravity causes the car to lean.