why use viagra without edema

Viagra used to prevent pulmonary edema at high altitudes - latimes
Viagra used to prevent pulmonary edema at high altitudes - latimes
He says people who have a history of pulmonary edema and are bound for high- altitude hiking or skiing might consider taking sildenafil as a preventive but only with their doctor's OK. He has used sildenafil to treat pulmonary edema with good results,

Viagra may help severe altitude sickness - webmd
They looked at whether the use of Viagra would help the lungs continue to get oxygen while ascending to higher altitudes. This was no ordinary lab test. High-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) occurs when high altitude and low air pressure causes fluid why use viagra without edema How can viagra be used as a pulmonary edema medicationWhen taking Viagra for either hypertension pulmonary edema, go for the lowest dosages, of 25 mg pills. You should also be aware that some effects of erections and slight headaches may be felt. It is also very advisable that Viagra never be taken with
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