viagras mexico cartel

Meet the warlord of the viagras mexicos hardest cartel yet
Meet the warlord of the viagras mexicos hardest cartel yet
During a meeting in his hidden basecamp, one of Mexico's most wanted warlords talks drugs, corruption, and life on the run.

The relationship of these suspects began while they were members of Caballeros Templarios. Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Notinfomex                     In the twilight of Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares' adm. They were arrested right in the middle of the high end properties in Ixtapa, surrounded by the all-inclusive resorts.

Nephew of El Chapo killed, son of "El Guano", who is in a power struggle with Chapo's sons Posted  by Mica for Borderland Beat  from Altavoz Culiacán, Sin. It is one of the most dangerous places in estdo de Guerrero. My advice is to stay away from ferias y discos, parlores de billares in both towns. According to government sources, Jiménez confessed that his boss, identified as Adrián Reyes Cadena, El Tigre, kidnapped the “young man from New York” with the notion that he was a member of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

A drug cartel named after viagra is anything but soft rooster
The Viagras, the Mexican cartel, might seem like a joke. After all, who would name their cartel after and erectile dysfunction pill? But they might . viagras mexico cartel Jalisco new generation cartel - wikipediaThe Jalisco New Generation Cartel is a Mexican criminal group based in Jalisco and headed . Los Viagras for the state of Michoacán, Los Zetas for the city of Puebla, the Sinaloa cartel in Tijuana and Baja California, y el Cartel de Juarez in  .

This insane sad story should be made into a movie. The Sierra Santana brothers are from Huetamo Michoacán, which sits directly on the border with southern Guerrero, and on the highway Devert was most likely travelling. I would think if this is not confirmed by tomorrow, it was a false story.

EL DEBATE lo publico tambien felicitaciones LUCIO. They know if they kill a DEA agent the American gvt will hunt them down, however, if they kill an American citizen it's most times quickly forgotten. Pino” jefe of sicarios in Zihuatanejo, (left) is suspected of being the one who is involved directly in the murder of Devert. His skull exhibited a severe, massive, injury, a blow from a bat, 2X4 or other apparatus. He was a sicario and was arrested in February, 2014, closely after the disappearance of Devert  in January, 2014.

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