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Thoriated Tungsten - American Welding Society
Thoriated Tungsten - American Welding Society
Why doesn't the government regulate thoriated tungsten? Thorium is .... On this basis, many organizations have evaluated alternative tungsten

Since I like to go camping and sometimes work around people using thoriated tungsten, it might be nice to know when to worry and when not to. Another study was conducted in Germany by the State of Bavaria, Department for Development and Environmental issues. The AWS has a fact sheet about the thoriated tungsten.

The RM 3 would pick it up at if the cabinet door was open. Like changing to Lanthinated tungston and there are others that are not radioactive. Now we have very good smoke eaters and a yearly physical for the welders with a respiretory check. It may split on you, but its still way better than pure. Does anyone else see, or think about this? Where do you draw the line? A group of men working along side of Highly explosive cylinders using high temperature flames and arcs.

Alternatives to 2% Thoriated tungsten - WeldingWeb
What are you guys using instead of the thoriated tungstens on mild steel and stainless? thoriated tungsten alternatives to viagra Best replacement for thoriated tungsten? - WeldingWebI'm not a big fan of the radioactive aspect to the thorium in them, and would like to switch. What is the best tungsten that's closest to thoriated?

We had 4 or 5 boxes of 5/32" or 3/16" 2 % in our cabinet on a ship I was on. If I die early or suffer from a poor quality of life due to the fact that my employer didn't provide adequate ventilation, who's gonna know? How many fab shops have an industrial health person on their payroll. I have seen very few films that explain the long term effects of chromium, nickel, manganese and those other elements yet to be discovered.

They were likely using the AN/PDR-56A, which is a scintillation detector. The RM 3 would pick it up at if the cabinet door was open. And we won't know what the long term effects are until many of the companies we worked for are out of business. You said it very well dont stop! I wish I would've had some in my conner 30 years ago looking out for the unseen hazards. Further, "The HSE has recommended to factory inspectors that, where thoriated tungsten electrodes are not necessary for the quality of the weld, users should be encouraged to look for alternatives.

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